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Buying Blade and Soul Gold Guide at MmoGah

Delivery Method:

         Through Cross-Server Dungeon

         Before buying bns gold, please make sure you have read the following instructions:

  • Your character must be Lv15 or higher, in order to join our Cross-Server Dungeon.
  • We will confirm a Dungeon room. Our customer service will send the room number and password to you via Live Chat, Skype, SMS or Email. In order for you to receive the gold as soon as possible, please contact us or check your SMS or Email after completing your order.
  • After receiving our message, please press F8 to join the Dungeon.
  • You and our player will farm the Dungeon together. When a green quality item comes out, our player bids on it, but you need to click “Pass”, after this item you will receive the gold amount bought.

Note: Please don’t leave the party until you receive your gold, or we will not deliver it again!

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Fast Delivery: We use the safest delivery method to ensure no Blade and Soul Gold customers ever get banned at MmoGah. Our company has over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, which allows us to provide you with the most professional services. We deliver your gold as soon as possible once we have received payment and completed verification. Most orders are finished within 10 minutes, and we guarantee to fulfill all others in reasonable time.

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Refund Guarantee: We have large handmade Blade and Soul gold stock on our own accounts to guarantee fast delivery, however, if occasionally we do not have enough gold for your server and you wouldn’t like to wait any more, a refund will be issued immediately..

Blade and Soul Gold

Server Name Price 800G - 4000G 4000G+ Purchase
NA-All $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
NA-Yura $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
NA-Zulia $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
EU-All $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
EU-Jinsoyun $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
[DE] Eisenherz $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
[FR] Naksun $4.29 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now

Blade and Soul News

  • blade-and-soul-dark-origins-update-is-upcoming-on-august-16th

    2017-08-12Blade and Soul: Dark Origins Update Is Upcoming on August 16th

    The Game Blade and Soul has been officially consolidated the previous servers, planning to band bns players together in preparation for the upcoming update of Dark Origins. As a continuously updated BNS Gold store, MmoGah.com has adjusted our bns servers in time to meet our customers’ needs of buying BNS Gold for new challenges.
  • blade-and-soul-secrets-of-the-stratus-is-coming-on-april-12

    2017-04-06Blade and Soul-Secrets of the Stratus Is Coming on April 12

    What a year it’s been! Since NCsoft’s launched Blade & Soul in North America and Europe, over 4 million players have joined the Hongmoon Clan to pursue revenge through 13 major game updates. The new expansion-Secrets of the Stratus will be online on April 12, and NCsoft ensures that its next major update is more impaceful, therefore here are just some of the new features included:
  • new-patch-of-blade-and-soul-wings-of-the-raven

    2017-02-23New Patch of Blade and Soul: Wings of the Raven

    The Wings of the Raven update in the Blade and Soul brings new content and rewards. Two new 24-member dungeons arrive with this update, including the brutally difficult end-game raid: Skybreak Spire. In addition, a new Legendary upgrade path, streamlined Evolution paths, 6v6 Clan rankings, and a new generation of Legendary accessories round out the highlights for Wings of the Raven.
  • blade-and-soul-patch-notes-of-speculating-new-level-55-and-new-continent

    2017-01-20Blade and Soul Patch Notes of Speculating New Level 55 and New Continent

    How time flies! EU/NA Blade and Soul has passed one year, now players can celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday from January 18 until February 8 with the 1st Anniversary Festival for the patch notes! Players can check EU/NA official website for checking all the updates.
  • midnight-skypetal-plains-in-blade-and-soul

    2016-11-18Midnight Skypetal Plains in Blade and Soul

    Midnight at Skypetal Plains is the first 24 man raid in Blade and Soul, and it has the coveted legendary soul shield. But how does one kill the Sacred Longgui to get this soul shield? This guide shall explain how to do the raid.
  • More Blade and Soul News>>
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